I know from speaking with mums, the stress of raising little people can definitely send you looking for an escape and for many of us it’s the comfort of food. Virtually all of them are concerned about managing their weight and being calm enough to avoid gobbling up the kid’s leftovers. More dr joseph ajaka reviews  can be read here.

It is challenging, especially when kids can be eating constantly which means that you’re constantly surrounded with things to eat. In order to avoid eating mindlessly when you’re a parent, it’s important to consider two things.

1. Find ways to stay calm and manage stress better.

You might be saying, “Sure that’s easy for you to say, you don’t know MY kid.” The truth is, parenthood is challenging and not easy, so it’s crucial to pace yourself and take one day at a time. Do what you need to do to cope as best you can and remember to do things that preserve your sanity and sense of calm.

I’ve had to get good at things that don’t come easily to me. The things that have helped me the most are asking for help, knowing my limits, getting enough sleep, eating well, using my electric foot massager and meditation/walking. What are the things that keep you calm and lengthen your fuse?

2. Employ some little tricks so that you don’t end up eating your food AND theirs.

As my kids are still young, they need to eat more often than I do, so I make a conscious decision to adhere to my three meals, even if they leave half a muesli bar, cookies, nuts, fruit and crackers etc under my nose. I make a point to cover their leftovers with plastic wrap and put them away, for when they get hungry later on. This way I’m not concerned about wasting good food. I will often sit with them at the table while they eat their snacks, but I make a point to drink with them (tea or coffee) but not eat, especially because I’m not actually hungry.

When we go out, I am careful not to over-order because I know my kids will only have small amounts, so we ask for an extra plate and share things around.

If grazing mindlessly on your kids food is sabotaging your weight loss efforts – try devising some healthy boundaries for yourself or reaching out for support, so you don’t end up eating more than you need!